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Cape Verde

Cabo Verde, Cap Vert, Cape Verde… lovely name in any language. It was my first ever trip to Africa. The island, or group of islands (ten in all) is located at the westernmost point of Africa. Most of the islands are quite arid. There are only a couple of them that are green. We stayed at The Hilton in the island of Sal in Santa Maria, right along the strip of long, white sand beach. It was a very quiet, cozy corner. And we had the best view of the ocean, as we were upgraded to the best room in the resort, the Presidential Suite! We were lucky. Our itinerary was Sal – Sao Vicente – Sal. From the island of Sal, we took a small plane for about an hour, to go to Sao Vicente. We stayed in a charming hotel in Sao Vicente, in a town called, Sao Pedro. It was right along a secluded beach, where you can see giant turtles swimming close to the shore every morning. Too bad the waves …


It’s been a year since my last entry. A lot has happened. But I just want to talk about our last summer’s trip. Especially now that I need warm memories to keep a sunny disposition in the bleaker months of autumn. So here are some pics from Corsica. Sorry, if there are too many pictures of myself here. It’s mostly just to give scale to the landscape features, and to keep the gorgeous backdrop more interesting. I’m trying my best to be less vain in my forties. But I don’t always succeed. We were in Corsica to attend a wedding. I have always dreamed of a romantic wedding by the sea, or attending one, at least. This was one off the proverbial, hackneyed, bucket-list. The wedding was nice and fun. The beach-side was not so nice. I was surprised to hear it’s supposed to be one of the nicest in Corsica. Ho-hum… next… Since we were spending a week in Corsica, we had some time to do some hiking and explore other more interesting bodies …

Iceland – the Land of Fire and Ice

To date, I would say that Iceland is the best place I have ever visited in all my traveling life. From that moment in the plane where we were greeted with the fiercest, most fiery sunset at midnight, I knew instantly that I would be treated to some of the most magnificent, out-of-this-world landscapes that I will ever see in my life. We went from Reykjavik to Jokulsarlon in the East to Borgarnes in the West to Akureyri in the North and then finally back to Reykjavik on self-drive (without GPS). I have to admit that all the places of interest are a little bit too far away from each other. But getting to your destinations is definitely not boring because of the variety of landscapes that Iceland has to offer. We saw countless waterfalls, drove by the coast, up and around hills, hiked on mini-craters on a huge lake, soaked in a hot spring and felt very welcomed by the friendly locals. On our last full day in Reykjavik, my Icelandic friend gave us …

The Maldives

From high above, these lovely dots of islands on the Indian Ocean looked like an abstract painting. I couldn’t wait to get down on one of those lovely blue dots and surround myself in its countless shades of blue that I had never known existed.

Welcome to Escapecapades

  Hello and welcome to Escapecapades! This is my online travel journal. In this little corner on the world wide web, I will talk about all my travels, and experiences during my travels — all the wonders, the pleasures and maybe even the pains of travel. For now, I will be sharing my past travels — all from the more recent to the ones from over ten years ago. I shall be posting once a week for the time being. In the future, I will also include ideas, tips and other treats that fellow travel enthusiasts will find helpful and useful… and hopefully, enjoyable to read too. Thanks for dropping by! – Rio